hello friends


Welcome to my corner of the universe.

My name is Jessie & I am a full time photographer & momma. I love nice people, food trucks, dry shampoo, traveling, online shopping [because toddlers], awkward moments, sloppy kisses, & rainy days. I live in Oklahoma City, but would love to travel anywhere. I mean that. When I'm not taking your photos, I am chasing my two kids & laughing at my crazy husband! [He tells me I'm messy. I tell him I'm creative. We balance each other.] You can see a little of our crazy below. We can no longer hide it. 

Lifestyle portrait & wedding photography is my jam. My style is capturing genuine, organic, messy everyday moments. I LIVE for moments that give me all the feels. My goal is for you to remember the love + connections, whether that be your lover or your family, & not how you were mad at each other 10 minutes before because someone forgot to comb the baby's hair. I have a deep passion for creating & your art is my therapy. Let's make some magic

Some fun facts about muah:

-I am a former bridal consultant, so I can help you get into your wedding dress in a flash & assemble most bustles. Seriously.

-I have an amazing/handsome husband & 2 awesome ginger toddlers. I know how to round-up rowdy bunches & handle a lot of unorganized choas. I'm a multitasking boss babe.

-I believe that almost every problem can be solved with a nice hot bath, a glass of wine, & a bath-bomb from Lush cosmetics.

-I am an introvert at heart, but love people. {ENFP-T over here.} One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is all of the awesome couples I often become great friends with! Don't worry though, I won't friend you on Facebook and creep your life unless you want me too. :) In that case, add me!

-I really, really love laughing & will try to make you do so at my expense or your partner's. ;) We will have FUN during your shoot! It will not be boring or pose after pose. I want to help you create a memory with you that you won't forget!

-I love cake. It ranks pretty high on the list of why I chose this profession. I will eat the cake at your wedding. Unapologetically.



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