At Home with jessie huff photography

Documenting the smallest moments with the biggest feels

Family films + Portraits


As a mom, I often relish in those moments when we are doing the mundane everyday things. I am easily reminded how amazing my kids are as I watch them learn and copy my every move. These are the moments I want to remember when things were the messiest and seemed chaotic, but the most special. Every day I try to memorize my son's new freckles on his tiny nose and the way my daughter snort-laughs at me, but I know they will grow and I will forget because, well, life.


Doing an At Home session allows me to come into your home and capture these fleeting moments. As a mom, I understand from the bottom of my heart how completely special these times are.

During these sessions I want to capture your family doing everyday things such as snuggling, playing a board game or in the yard, making cookies, breakfast or dinner, pillow fighting, eating popsicles, dog piling, or whatever you guys love to do as a family! You name it. The intimacy of your home is where the walls are let down and love is free to run resulting in some of the sweetest and precious times.

Let me be there for you. 

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Home videos are my new obsession. I now offer family films with each lifestyle family session. These are shot along with photos & make a wonderful keepsake to share & look back on. They just  grow too dang fast! Can I get an amen?